Notes – Night Lights at RACC on December 6, 2018 by Roland Dahwen Wu

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday’s NIGHT LIGHTS event at Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC). Special thanks to William, Ella, and everyone who helped set up and take down the altars.


Three Moons/Tres Lunas/3つの月

How the moon speaks through the dark—
carving the shores of this world!

Tonight we honor and celebrate three brilliant and beautiful people who quietly and powerfully influence the world in their own ways: Amanda Consuelo García, Rikuku Heshiki, and Kazumi Heshiki. As elders, they are steeped in life’s riches; they are portals to lost places and times, carriers of rarest cargo, bearers of songs and stories that hold the mysteries of life, death and everything between.

Our hope is to bring you into proximity with these people. To shine their light on this cold December eve because it is a warm light and beautiful light.

Our hope is remember better how to be present with our loved ones. How to listen and receive. How to look up to the moon. For we cannot know all the mysteries of the moon, so vastly far away, but we can bask in its light and let its questions reach us.

This installation is a continuation of work that Roland Dahwen Wu & Stephanie Adams-Santos have been doing to share their ongoing work around poetry, memory, and honoring our elders.

Notes - We are all the production line by Roland Dahwen Wu

New work commissioned by Physical Education

Two-channel video installation
December 21, 2016 - January 4, 2017
hq Objective at FORTUNE Gallery
2235 W Burnside St. Unit A
Portland, Oregon

Featuring footage by sidony o'neal, Kalimah Abioto, Maggie Heath, and Stacey Tran.
Physical Education is keyon gaskin, Lu Yim, Takahiro Yamamoto, and Allie Hankins.
Works edited by Samiya Bashir and Sharita Towne - January 4-18, 2017.