Notes – «Flower Diatribe #1» for Dao Strom in Poetry Northwest by Roland Dahwen Wu

Dao Strom's piece «Flower Diatribe #1» is featured in Poetry Northwest, along with the video we made together. Words and voice by Dao Strom, sound by Barry Brusseau, video by Roland Dahwen Wu.

Link to article

Notes - HAFT-SEEN @ EPALF and Whitsell Auditorium by Roland Dahwen Wu

HAFT-SEEN screened twice at EPALF (East Portland Arts & Literary Festival) on September 23rd.
Then the Northwest Film Center screened HAFT-SEEN at the Whitsell Auditorium, inside the Portland Art Museum on September 26th.

Thank you to everyone who attended, who contributed to the film, and who made these events possible.


Notes - TBA Festival performance - September 12 by Roland Dahwen Wu

I have the tremendous honor to present at PICA's TBA Festival this year. With Samiya Bashir, Shayla Lawson, Dao Strom and Ronaldo V. Wilson, we will be creating a multimedia performance – music, sound, text, film. September 12, 2017 from 6:30 - 7:30pm at PICA's NE Hancock location.




Notes - new record «Redesign» from Nick Delffs by Roland Dahwen Wu

My friend Nick Delffs releases his new record «Redesign» on July 21st.
I took this foto of him while we were filming the music video for «Golden House» and months later, after I had forgotten about it, he asked to use it for his new record. 

More about Nick and the record here.

Notes - HAFT-SEEN with Stacey Tran and Jonathan Raissi (trailer #3) by Roland Dahwen Wu

Trailer #3

Stacey Tran • Jonathan Raissi • Roland Dahwen Wu
7pm • 3.15.17
High Low Gallery
936 SE 34th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Notes - HAFT-SEEN with Stacey Tran and Jonathan Raissi (trailer) by Roland Dahwen Wu

Stacey Tran • Jonathan Raissi • Roland Dahwen Wu
7pm • 3.15.17 • High Low Gallery
936 SE 34th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

poster and trailer, below:

Notes - Intisar Abioto by Roland Dahwen Wu

I had the tremendous fortune to document Intisar Abioto's dance rehearsal at the Portland Art Museum in November. Special thanks to the Museum and to Betsy Konop, who allowed us to film in the museum with freedom.

Intisar has a show at the White Box Gallery in Portland for the month of February, and the film that I made will be part of the exhibit, as a video installation.

«Intisar Abioto»
single-channel video
21 minutes. color

Opening Reception Friday, February 3
5:00 p.m. White Box Gallery

February 3 - February 25, 2017

Notes - Field Theories (Samiya Bashir, with keyon gaskin) by Roland Dahwen Wu

Part 5 of 6 short videos that I'm making for Samiya Bashir's forthcoming book FIELD THEORIES. Poems by Samiya Bashir. Produced by Patuá Films and featuring the incomparable keyon gaskin.

Notes - Ojos del Sol music video for Y La Bamba by Roland Dahwen Wu

After many months, I've completed work on a new music video for Y La Bamba's song «Ojos del Sol». I worked closely with the band to realize their vision, and the video will be released soon.

Special thanks to Aaron Meola of Tender Loving Empire, Myranda Gillies, and the countless people who helped in large and small ways.

A few stills from the video, produced by Patuá Films—

Notes - history is a hole by Roland Dahwen Wu

I'm showing my video work as part of Physical Education's performance «history is a hole»

Performers: keyon gaskin, Allie Hankins, Lu Yim, Takahiro Yamamoto.

Video Work:
original videos by sidony o'neal, Stacey Tran, Maggie Heath, Kalimah Abioto.
edited videos by Samiya Bashir, Roland Dahwen Wu, Sharita Towne.

Pacific Northwest College of Art - Mediatheque
511 NW Broadway
Portland, Oregon, 97209
7-9pm. January 3, 2017

Notes - We are all the production line by Roland Dahwen Wu

New work commissioned by Physical Education

Two-channel video installation
December 21, 2016 - January 4, 2017
hq Objective at FORTUNE Gallery
2235 W Burnside St. Unit A
Portland, Oregon

Featuring footage by sidony o'neal, Kalimah Abioto, Maggie Heath, and Stacey Tran.
Physical Education is keyon gaskin, Lu Yim, Takahiro Yamamoto, and Allie Hankins.
Works edited by Samiya Bashir and Sharita Towne - January 4-18, 2017.

Notes - Field Theories (Samiya Bashir, with keyon gaskin) by Roland Dahwen Wu

I've been working on a series of short videos for Samiya Bashir's forthcoming book of poetry FIELD THEORIES. Samiya and I have worked together for the last few years, creating multimedia works for her project MAPS. For FIELD THEORIES, we filmed with keyon gaskin, an incredible movement artist with whom I've collaborated on the film QUARANTINE::duo. You can watch part one and two of our series of videos, below.

Notes - Poetry Press Week by Roland Dahwen Wu

Last weekend, my company Patuá Films documented Poetry Press Week's Spring 2016 show at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center.

From Poetry Press Week's website:

In a Poetry Press Week show, poets present their unpublished work in 10-12 minute, live, conceptual runway shows to an audience of publishers, press, and the general public. Poets present their work via “models” and other various media, staging, and effects to produce a three-dimensional experience of their poetry. Full poem text as it would potentially appear in print is projected alongside or in conjunction with the presentation.

Watch four excerpts from the show:

Notes - Golden House by Roland Dahwen Wu

Forthcoming - «Golden House» music video

Over the last months, I've been working on a music video of the track «Golden House» for the band Tiburones—off their new album «Eva». I'm very excited to release this work—I filmed and collaborated closely with band members Nick Delffs (also known for his bands Shaky Hands and Death Songs) and Luz Elena Mendoza (from Y La Bamba). The music video will be released along with the vinyl and digital release of «Eva» very soon.

A few still frames from «Golden House»—filmed in New Mexico, Arizona, the desert of eastern Oregon, and Portland.