Notes - new record «Redesign» from Nick Delffs by Roland Dahwen Wu

My friend Nick Delffs releases his new record «Redesign» on July 21st.
I took this foto of him while we were filming the music video for «Golden House» and months later, after I had forgotten about it, he asked to use it for his new record. 

More about Nick and the record here.

Notes - Golden House by Roland Dahwen Wu

Forthcoming - «Golden House» music video

Over the last months, I've been working on a music video of the track «Golden House» for the band Tiburones—off their new album «Eva». I'm very excited to release this work—I filmed and collaborated closely with band members Nick Delffs (also known for his bands Shaky Hands and Death Songs) and Luz Elena Mendoza (from Y La Bamba). The music video will be released along with the vinyl and digital release of «Eva» very soon.

A few still frames from «Golden House»—filmed in New Mexico, Arizona, the desert of eastern Oregon, and Portland.