Notes - Joshua Oppenheimer / by Roland Dahwen Wu

reading notes from miscellaneous interviews with Joshua Oppenheimer

«this should be not a film simply about impunity and coexistence, this should fundamentally be a film about memory and oblivion, because that’s the real casualty of living for decades in fear.»

«if you overcome the fear of looking, you come out less afraid.»

«the capacity for human evil depends on our ability to lie to ourselves.»

«it was painful to deny myself the escapism of saying 'These men are monsters and they just should be judged', it was painful to not give my self the comfort of saying 'My role is to judge them or build a case and condemn them', because after all the role of artists aught not to be that of a court. We aught to be trying to understand, not trying to condemn. We aught to be trying to empathize - not sympathize. And we should take it for granted that our audiences are smart enough to understand that mass murder is wrong. If we don't understand that, we should get out of this business.»